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How to Activate Norton Antivirus Product Online?

Norton is amongst the most popular security software. It provides the user to have free trials available for download. But if you are looking to use its protection features then you are required to activate the product. Once you have purchased Norton antivirus product, you can enable it online for starting the security on your personal computer system. Activation will ensure you that the product you bought is valid and capable of offering you with the protection your device required. .

You can also get the updates for the antivirus and newsletters about the upcoming security threats. Activation lets you to use the antivirus on your device and will take few minutes to finish.

Process of activating the Norton Antivirus product online:

a. From the desktop, you can access your Norton product by double clicking on its icon.

b. On the main window of antivirus software tap on ‘Activate Now’.

c. Enter your Product Code. You can find this product on the back side of the CD case of the antivirus software or if you have purchased it online then you can check it in your emails. Then click Next.

d. Enter your email address. In case if your account has not been connected with your email address, then you are required to register before proceeding ahead. Click on Sign In if your account is available or found and then enter your password.

e. In case your account is not found then give your personal information for registration. You will be asked to give details such as your name, email address as well as your physical address. For continuing ahead click on Next.

f. Now go through the terms and conditions of your antivirus software. For completing the activation click Done.

If you are dealing with any issue while performing any of the above steps then get in touch with the team of our skilled and experienced staff at Norton Support Number Australia 1-800-921-376. You can also get in touch with the team via live chat or email and we will respond you accordingly.